About GreenSnacks

Changing times have seen the advent of a more evolved and aware Indian consumer. Today's consumer is far more conscious about his eating habits and is ready to opt for a lifestyle change to lead a healthy life.

The biggest hurdle in leading an active, healthy lifestyle comes when it is time to snack. Binging on munchies remains the favorite pastime for all of us, but the lack of healthy snacking options in the market today leaves us with very few options - chips , sevs and other unhealthy fried snacks. Tasty, yet authentically healthy snacks are not easily available.

“Healthy” is still only a mere buzzword in the snacking industry. Most snacks available today are either unhealthy or don’t taste good. Thus leaving you unsatisfied. There is a definite need for a snack that is all natural, filled with nutrients and delicious at the same time.

We started The Green Snack Co. to delight taste buds and fill this need gap in the market - for tasty and healthy snacks. The Green Snack Co. provides flavour filled, crunchy and tasty snacking options while keeping them truly healthy. We help our consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle and give them the ‘freedom to snack’.

Creating a snack that is both delicious and authentically healthy is the code we live by. And it is what our consumers love about us.

We turned to the superpowers of Kale as the source of our wellness, healthiness, yumminess and goodness. While most snacks today are baked or fried, we do neither. As a result we are able to create a delicious snack that is much healthier. Instead, we decided to use an innovative technology - dehydration. Fresh Kale leaves are dehydrated at a low temperature for 8-10 hours. This ensures that the essential nutrients aren't destroyed and also the crunchiness of the Kale Crisps gets retained.

After Kale Crisps grabbed the hearts, minds and tongues of our fans, we launched our second product, Quinoa Puffs. This delectable delight uses the combined power of super grains—Quinoa, Ragi, Amaranth, Soy, as well as Rice and Maize. The method for making our Quinoa Puffs involves an extrusion process followed by roasting to create a perfectly healthy puff.

Our snacks are free from anything artificial—preservatives, chemicals, flavours and colouring. Each pack of our snacks is 100% Gluten Free, low on calories and cholesterol free. They are also loaded with protein, iron and dietary fibre.

You feel healthier with every bite of goodness.

Our snacks were created keeping the palate of the discerning Indian consumer in mind. Our flavours delight the taste buds of every Indian whether you like savoury or spicy.

Our snacks are a way for Indians to indulge in snacking without feeling guilty. Whatever the occasion, snack on with impunity!

Running late to work and skipped breakfast? Fill yourself up with our snacks! Missed lunch because of a meeting? Grab a bite! Need a post-workout pick me up? Munch on! Need to crunch up a salad? Sprinkle some Kale Crisps and you are good to go. Or replace your chakna with some delicious, healthy Quinoa Puffs.

All you need to do now is to #TasteTheGoodness

In 2017, we brought to India for the very first time, a multigrain roasted snack under 99 Calories per pack. The 6 Grain Stix range brings together super grains like oats, ragi, sorghum, soya, rice and maize to give you a healthier and lighter alternative to your daily unhealthy, fried snacks. These are available in single serve packs, in three exciting flavors (Tangy Pickle, Smokey Bbq & Cheesy Jalapeno) to entice every palate out there looking for that perfect balance between taste & health. 6 Grain Sticks

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