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You wake up in the morning and you’re dying for a strong sugary cup of coffee. Post lunch boredom… and you’re dying for deep fried chips or sugary biscuits. Movie night! You’re craving popcorn, chips and soda. Working late… and you’d kill for a giant chocolate muffin, only then will you be happy.

At least one or all of these scenarios may sound familiar to you, undoubtedly. While you think that you may be satiating your hunger, what you’re doing is simply fuelling that irrational need for sweet, sugary and fried things that our bodies today have gotten so used to. If you recognise and feel the need to take away these cravings, here are a few very simple ways to do just that.

Begin Your Day With Protein
If you’re the kind who doesn’t eat breakfast and then pigs put on a bag of crisps later, you should probably change that. A simple boiled egg or a protein smoothie is enough to kick start your metabolism for the day.

Swap Soda & Sugary Drinks
Give the fizzy drink or preservative filled juice a miss and drink green tea and water instead. A lot of the time our body is just dehydrated when we think it’s hungry. Keep sipping on water and you’ll find your cravings going down considerably.

Snack Every Few Hours
But, not on sugary things. Ne of the biggest mistakes we make is keeping our body hungry for a long time, so when we eventually do eat, we’re so famished we’ll eat anything and far more than our body needs. Eat nuts or keep a pack of our yummy Quinoa Puffs handy and you’re sorted.

Drink Lots of Water
A lot of times when we’re thirsty we assume it’s hunger and gorge down on unhealthy food. So the next time you’re hungry, try drinking a glass of water first.

Wait Between Helpings
It takes some time for your stomach to tell your brain and tongue that it is time to stop eating. So, wait for a few minutes in between helpings and you’ll find yourself feeling full without needing to binge.

These small moves will cut those cravings so fast, you’ll start feeling better and more active faster than you’d think. They’re so easy to do and are small steps towards a healthier lifestyle… we know you can do it!

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