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Eating and living healthy is not as difficult or dramatic as you may think it is. It’s quite simple… it begins with wanting to do it in the first place. Once you decide that you really want to do it, a few simple keys will help you in your journey into healthy eating.


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Eat Frequently…

…which is the opposite of starving yourself. Eat small meals every few hours, snack on a fruit platter, nuts or a healthy pack of quinoa puffs to keep your blood sugar in check. When your blood sugar goes off balance, one tends to eat whatever is most easily and quickly available, which more often than not, is unhealthy.


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Stay Hydrated

Just by increasing one’s water intake to the required levels can work wonders on your health and diet. For one, you may be confusing your thirst for hunger and staying fully hydrated will tackle any unnecessary eating.


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Enjoy What You Eat

More than anything, we end up eating a lot of junk, because it tastes soooo goood. Eating healthy on the other hand, is associated with bland, tasteless food… quite wrongly! Experiment with differents ways of cooking and spicing up your healthy substitutes, really get involved in the process of creating good, healthy food for yourself and you will find yourself eating healthy because you enjoy it and not because you have to.


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Don’t Deny Yourself

If you know you have a sweet tooth, indulge yourself by all means, but, in moderation. Instead of consuming a whole bar of chocolate as a snack, reward yourself for sticking to your diet at the end of a meal with a small portion. When you deny yourself completely, you tend to binge and all that hard work will go to waste.


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Kick the Sugar & the Soda

The lesser refined sugar you consume, the less your body will crave it. Start by halving your intake before reducing it to absolute minimum or getting rid of it completely. The same goes for aerated drinks. Have fresh fruit juice sans the sugar when you’re craving something fizzy instead. Your body will thank you.


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