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For starters… cheat day is the day you eat one cheat meal that deviates from our diet and is not cheating on your diet the entire day. Now that the basic concept is out of the way, your cheat day does not mean the smorgasbord of indulgence that your brain makes it out to be.


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While the first few bites will be bliss, an entire day of bingeing will make your body feel sluggish and yucky because it’s used to healthy-eating-goodness you’ve put into it. A cheat day can be both a treat and still keep you on track, with a few simple steps.


Plan Your Cheat Food

Instead of indulging on a whim, think about exactly what you want to eat… and then stick to it. Impulsive eating will result in bad decisions and you generally feeling gross after consuming 8 vada pavs and a cheesy pizza.


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Don’t Cheat in Hunger

Don’t starve yourself or limit food intake or exercise excessively before your cheat meal. If you are over deprived, you will overindulge and probably eat far more than needed.


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Plan Your Cheat Day

Make sure your cheat meal coincides with a social gathering. This way, you’re not tempted by all the indulgence around you and you satiate your cravings too.


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Pick a Cheat

Is it rice and bread or dessert or alcohol, what do you want to indulge in the most? Pick your cheat and stick to it, mixing all three in one night is guaranteed to make your tummy feel off balance.


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A little planning and a few smart choices will give you a great cheat day.

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