How often do you find yourself craving for a mid-day snack and you’re almost sure the bag of potato chips in your drawer has been calling out to you? While we all need that quick pick-me-up snack, sticking to a strict diet can be difficult.

So we’ve got a few tips to keep those unhealthy snack attacks under control.

Keep tempting foods away
One tends to eat whatever is within arm’s reach, which is often an unhealthy treat. So, why not take the junk food out of your office desk and replace it with healthier snacking options?

Find a substitute for your cravings
Instead of indulging in a cheesy pizza or a greasy burger with fries, choose an alternative to satisfy your cravings. Opting for some veggies, dry fruits or healthy crisps can not only calm your cravings but help you stick to your diet as well.

Overcome those cravings
Cut yourself off from your cravings. One of the best ways is to avoid eating those foods for a set period of time and add in some healthy foods. Your taste buds will actually change over time and junk food won’t ever taste the same.

Include protein and fiber
If there’s something that can help you eat less and increase your chances of losing weight, it’s eating more protein and fiber. Protein can make you feel fuller and speed up your metabolism, while fiber plays an important role in promoting regular bowel movements.
While sticking to a diet can be one of the toughest ordeals out there. You can replace those unhealthy chips with some tasty, nutritious 6 Grain Stix bt The Green Snack Co!