6 Grain Stix – Smokey BBQ

In keeping with our tradition of taste and health, the Smokey BBQ 6 Grain Stix combines delicious flavours with a healthy twist.

In the Pack


Here is one superfood that makes you stronger and prevents diabetes! Now that’s a grain fighting the bad guys.


Gluten free and non GMO, Sorghum is a trapeze artist that balances your blood sugar levels and keeps your mind activity thanks to its high-fiber content.


Eases your stress and blood pressure, with this rich source of fiber and protein


A diet unto itself, it boosts body metabolism while lowering cholesterol levels. It's also a rich source of protein.


Strong bones and better immunity aren't the only benefits this super grain offers. It also provides energy, vitamins and minerals.


Gives you a quick fix of energy, while stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving bowel movements. It also slows down the aging process.

BBQ Sause


A rich source of antioxidants and provide a healthy dose of Vit C and Vit D.

Nutrition Facts