Taste the Goodness with Quinoa Puff

A delectable union of cheese and five Super Grain with a casual sprinkle of spices, this healthy, cheesy and savory treat leaves your lips begging for more.

In the Pack


All nine amino acids, high protein and no gluten! If you’re aiming to lose weight but still enjoy snacking, make Quinoa your best friend!


Amaranth is not only high in protein but also lowers your bad cholesterol! Keeps your heart healthy and your tongue happy. Something for everyone!


Soy makes vegetarianism cool! The only complete non-animal protein that makes sure you get all your protein needs sorted.


Here is one superfood that makes you stronger and prevents diabetes! Now that’s a grain fighting the bad guys.


Did you know that cheese is a rich dietary source of calcium, and plays an essential role in bone health. Is cheese the bad guy now?

Nutrition Facts