Midnight Snacks That Are Actually Good For Your Health


Following a diet and eating right is easy during the day but at night, we all have our guard down. Our quota of self-control is exhausted, we are hungry, and we do not care about anything else anymore. We munch on midnight snacks that suit our fancy and deal with the consequences later.

But once you go down that road, it is very difficult to head on back. There are so many leftovers to eat and ice creams to binge on. The fact that we shouldn’t eat so much unhealthy stuff so late at night makes the midnight snacks even more pleasurable.

The consequences must be faced sooner or later and when you do, it should drive you to put a complete stop at midnight snacks or at least make you go for healthier options.

So we did some research to find the best late-night snack ideas that you can use to safely binge on at night. The first item on the agenda is to throw out all the unhealthy snacks and only keep the healthy ones. This means that no matter how tempted you are, you will only have the option to eat healthy midnight snacks. This will play an important role in managing your weight and staying fit. 

Next would be to look into the below-mentioned healthy late-night snacks and stock them in your kitchen but also in your nightstand drawer for easy access. Have a look at our list of land see what suits your fancy -

1. Makhana

These yummy bite-sized delights are nutritious but also so tasty that you can consider it an all-time healthy snack. If you are watching a movie, instead of stuffing your face with cheesy popcorn, you can opt for a salt and pepper makhana flavour. There are pudina and jaggery flavoured makhanas available as well that will make the best late-night snack.

2. Mixed Nuts and seeds

If you ask anyone ‘What is a healthy midnight snack in India?’, the answer will always be nuts and seeds. Seeds have a high nutritional value, especially pumpkin seeds, and they fill your stomach up so nicely that only eating a handful is enough. That’s why they are the healthiest midnight snacks as they can keep you satiated and give you a lot of nutrition.

3. Fruits

It is a pain to peel or cut up some fruits at night when you can just open a packet of chips and start eating. But there are fruits like bananas that don’t require a knife. So you can just keep a bunch in your bedroom and if you feel like snacking, just eat a banana or an apple. If you don’t feel like eating them, it means that you are not hungry, just want to eat out of boredom. That is a dangerous habit and you should control it effectively with a bowl of fruit.

4. Berries

The easy and healthy options are to keep a jar of berries you like and snack on them at night. Even if you are not that hungry but want to eat, you can have some berries. There is no effort required and you can have as many or as little as you want.

5. Quinoa Puffs

If you are really serious about eating healthy, you must have heard a lot about eating Quinoa. It is a very healthy option but you don’t have to get out of bed and cook it at night. You can have some delicious Quinoa puffs instead that too in your favourite flavours. 

midnight snacks

6. Seed crackers

You may not believe it but having seed crackers night is actually healthy. It is one of the healthy midnight snacks because it is high in calcium that helps you sleep easily at night. It also has protein so you can add cheese to some whole-grain crackers for a nice protein-carb combination.

7. Smoothies

If you want something cool and delicious to sip at night then make some fruit smoothies during the day. You can use any fruits or berries that you like and add milk. Keep it in the fridge so that whenever you crave something sweet, you can just sip on a smoothie and you will be full in no time.

8. Granola Bars

Healthy late-night snacks for weight loss is granola bars that you can buy in packs so it is cost-efficient. Try out different flavours and see which you like best and keep them near your bed and in your bag while travelling. 

9. Avocado Toast

All the above-mentioned late-night snack ideas were for people who do not want to put in any effort at night when they are tired. But if you feel like making something up at late hours, you should definitely opt for a toast and top it off with what is known as the “God’s butter”. If you want to spice it up, add some black pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, tomato in the mix, and then apply on the toast. Garnish it with chili flecks and it is a gourmet snack by itself.

10. Kale Crisps

It is no news that people on a healthy or weight loss diet are recommended to add Kale to their diet. But when the night comes, no one wants to cook something or make a Kale salad. But would you believe me if I told you that it can be the best midnight snack? It’s true. You can buy packets of Kale chips in delicious flavours like Cheese and Onions and more. Try out all the flavours and see which one you like. 

It is difficult to stay resilient and follow a diet when it is late at night. But not if you only have healthy options to choose from. So stack your shelves with these healthy late-night snacks, get support from your family members so that you aren’t tempted with their eating habits, and stay strong. Once you see the results, you will be proud and compliments will make it worth your while.

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