Not many flowering plants in the plant kingdom are known for their substance as much as their style. The Eurayle Lily or the Eurayle Ferox is one of them. Found in the stagnant waters of Bihar, Japan, Korea, and some parts of Russia, is one such variety of flora. A distant cousin of Lotus plants, Eurayle Lily seeds, is known as the elusive source of one of the healthiest snacks on the planet – Makhana or Fox nut or Popped Lilly Seeds (whatever you wanna call them).  

In India, the exquisite flowers are only found in the wetlands of Bihar and as such the seeds produced are harvested by the Mallah community that occupy the areas. The actual collection of the seeds requires the farmers to dive into the river or ponds for four to five hours everyday morning. The seeds are then cleaned, packed into small bags, and put in cylindrical containers. These cylinders are then rolled on the ground to smoothen the surface of the seeds inside. The process carries on the next day when these seeds are spread on mats to be dried out in the sun.  

All processed seeds are sieved to grade them. This gradation process requires the makhanas to pass through ten different sieving devices. These seeds are then stored separately according to their grade. The makhanas then need to be toasted at high temperature and then again after two to three hours. Lastly, these seeds are manually cleaned to ensure that no residue of the bitter black seed mars the pristine effervescence of the twice expanded white puffs.  

The Makhana fever may be a new rave in the healthy foods market internationally, however, it has been used in Indian Ayurveda as well as Chinese medicine since ancient times. Low in cholesterol, fat, and sodium, Makhana comes highly recommended for patients struggling with heart disease, obesity issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If this isn’t enough to make you fall in love with this mighty superfood, it is also packed with good carbs, proteins, and free from that dreaded gluten! 

Not only is Makhana a health specialist but it is also rife with traditional and cultural significance. The mere mention of Makhana is enough to evoke that nostalgia that comes with all recollections of sweet childhood memories of munching on Makhana at tea-time, relishing the crunchy pops whether feasting on savory curries and rice preparations or sweet kheer and sewaiyan.   

One thing that is clear is be it the consciousness for a healthier future or the reminiscing of a hallowed past, Makhana has been and will continue to be an integral part of our life and the culture we create. 

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