Super Healthy Snacks For Holi

Holi, a festival of colours, brings joy, love, and togetherness. The hues of colours bring celebration more than just throwing them in the air. The essence of delicacies is, for sure, a fun part. The festival of colours is incomplete without mouth-watering Holi snacks. Whenever a festival approaches, it comes with a chance to take a backseat in life and cherish each moment. The powder dye makes one forget the bad times. Every participant gets coloured into the vibrancy.

But, with so much fun, the Holi food items are a necessity. Whenever a festive season approaches, we all get busy scheduling the meet and greet. Getting your hands on Holi food recipes becomes difficult. To prepare a Holi snacks menu that is healthy is an uphill climb.

It’s high-time to wind up with some healthiness and take a step forward for nutritious amusement.

So, super excited for celebration and making you not spend any time deciding on the food for a snack, here is a  healthy Holi snacks list:

Mouth-watering Makhanas

Highly rich in fibre and proteins but low in fat is a good calcium source. A handful of mouth-watering makhanas will give you the energy to play Holi all day long. If someone has diabetes or having problems related to the heart, they can also consume makhanas. 

To make the most out of any festival, especially Holi, it is necessary to have healthy holiday snacks. So, the moments of enjoyment never take one on the road to illness. This snack for Holi is highly recommended as there are pretty well chances of compromising health when we are in the enjoyment mode. But, with makhanas, there will be a happy medium on health in the context of Holi.

Finger-licking Nuts and Seeds

For a guilt-free celebration, assorted nuts and seeds are the best snacks for Holi. While playing with the bright colours, you can quickly crunch your way to a better, healthy day. The delectable mixture of melon seeds, raisins, cranberries, cashew, almonds, peanuts, chia seeds, and flax seeds gives your immunity a boost. 

Choosing nuts and seeds as Holi snacks gives you flavour and various health benefits. It is a wise choice to stay and keep your guests healthy on the festivity, packed in the mood to swing with your fellow beings.              

Chocolaty Quinoa Puffs

Packed with nutrients and other health benefits, it is one of the best plant sources for protein. It is a bit higher in calories in comparison to other protein sources. It is astounding to think of availing of the health benefits in a festive mood. But, with quinoas, you can do it. When you consume quinoas, you gift your body magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, and phosphorus.

The roasted dark chocolate quinoas are a perfect choice for kids and adults. And, when its cheerful time, it is natural for adults to become a kid by heart. So, why not by the taste too? Pick the quinoa puff as snacks for Holi and let your taste-buds have a celebration too. 

Flavorsome Kale Crisps

No one likes to have vegetables as Holi snacks. But, the cruciferous vegetable can be made tasty for the festive season. The kale crisps made with a perfect blend of onion and cheese make one travel to nutritious heaven. Adding this to the Holi snacks menu will give everyone a binge time munching this snack. 

From a healthy and positive perspective, the kale crisps are fantastic to go in the flow. Making every moment thrilled and energetic, you’ll be able to manage your digestive health, which is more likely to be disturbed. As when we are in a festive zeal, we tend to take less care of our digestive system.  

Caramel Spiced Pecans

It is a fantastic salad topper and a party snack. The warm fall flavours take you on a tasty heavenly journey. Crunchy, sweet with a pinch of chilli to make you take a chill pill. This caramel spiced pecans salad is a must addition to the Holi snacks menu list. With the total power of making anyone addicted, it only takes 20 minutes to do the preparation.

Taco Bites

A blend of onion, peppers and spices with a zing. The taco bites are perfect appetizers for any celebration. The adorable and fun festive food instantly gets gobbled at any get-together and is most liked by the kids. Delicate in handling and delicious in taste, they are the absolute tasty blast for your mouth and a perfect choice for Holi snacks.

Roasted Namkeen

The succulent taste of the combination of Quinoa, Jowar, Bajra, Chana, Moong, Peanuts, and Masoor will give you a protein portion. Apart from this tremendous health benefit, the roasted namkeen gives tanginess moments. Your palate has its Holi celebration when consuming the roasted nankeen. This Holi snack is a perfect food for Holi

There are no preservatives, deep-frying, and artificial flavours; this is one of the best healthy Holi snacks to add to the menu. 

Bond over delicious delicacies & gear up for Rang Panchami!

The delightful tasty ride in the tinged with colours is easily attainable with any of the snacks we have suggested for the Holi snacks menu. You can pick any of these Holi food items or all of them without any worries as the majority of them are ready-made healthy Holi snacks, so no tension of the hustle and bustle. These can be last-minute food for Holi ideas too. But, what fascinates these food items are health benefits. No matter how grand the occasion, it is necessary to follow the health guidelines to call it a day of charismatic memories. Pairing up the suggested snacks for Holi with desi delights will give your mouth yummilicious moments and a treat to your tummy.

So, let your taste-buds indulged not for a complete meal but a prolific celebration. To make your holi snacks look colourful, use neon-rimmed spoons or toothpicks for a more interesting look. This Holi season, loosen up and have the bombastic fun time with family and friends while staying healthy.

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