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Healthy Evening Snacks For Weight Loss

Who said that you couldn't munch on delicious snacks if you're on a weight loss diet? The reality is you can eat snacks and lose weight simultaneously. If you have adopted a fitness routine and have a healthy mindset, you can eventually adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

If you want to lose weight, you don't necessarily need to give up on snacks. There are several healthy snacks for weight loss, such as hummus and almonds. These can play an important role in achieving weight loss goals. 

Snacks can help curb your hunger and make sure that you don't necessarily consume it all day long. Moreover, if you consume food rich in nutrition, you can eventually give up the hunger strikes. The Green Snack Co also has some of the best snacks that can help you lose weight without compromising on taste.

Healthy Evenings Snacks To Stay Fit

If you're trying to lose weight, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But more than that, you will need to adopt a healthy mindset. Some of the common snacks that can help you lose weight while you munch on them all day long include:


Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks you can add to your diet. Although they are rich in fat, you don't need to avoid them. The Green Snack Co's  Mixed Nuts & Seeds are enriched with immunity-boosting elements & have no added sugar. 

These can turn out to be the best evening snacks for weight loss. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, fibres, and minerals. As a result, it has a proper balanced nutritional content that can contribute to weight loss. Moreover, they're delicious as well, which can help you lose weight easily. You don't need to give up on your flavour if you want to lose calories.

Hummus and Vegetables

This Mediterranean dish is an absolute treat to your taste buds. It is made from pureed chickpeas. Over the years, hummus has gained extreme popularity. Hence in today's time, there are several options available for hummus. If you want a boost of flavours in your mouth, you can always opt for pre-made hummus dips. You can either make one at home or purchase one from the store. 

Hummus has several benefits and can serve to be one of the many healthy evening snacks for weight loss. Since it is rich in protein and fibre, small portions or servings of hummus too can make you feel full. If you eat a combination of hummus and vegetables, you get several advantages. The nutritional content of vegetables also adds to the benefit. 

Apple And Nut Butter

Fruits are always a healthy choice to make for snacks. Apple and Peanut butter are some of the best evening snacks for weight loss.

You don't necessarily need to stick to apple and peanut butter. There's a wide range of fruits you can try with peanut butter. However, make sure to consume fruits that can cater to your needs of dietary fibre requirements. You can also try different nut butter apart from other peanut butter. Dipping a slice of an apple into the peanut butter provides you with a good dose of protein and caters to healthy fat requirements. 


Makhanas as a snack is an absolute delight. They are rich in fibre, & calcium & low in GI, thus aiding in weight management. You can try the Salt & Pepper flavoured ghee roasted makhanas from The Green Snack Co. They are roasted in ghee & are the perfect healthy evening snacks for weight loss.

Pumpkin Seed Bars

Pumpkin seed bars are tasty and delicious. It's very normal to crave chocolate, but you can't have it if you're trying to lose weight. Well, pumpkin bars are the perfect choice when you want to fill yourself real quick. These are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are extremely rich in protein. However, many people have given up on the consumption of eggs because they're high in cholesterol. Nonetheless, several types of research have shown that eggs do not necessarily increase cholesterol levels. Furthermore, they are a great source of essential nutrients that can prove extremely healthy and hence they are one of the healthiest snacks for weight loss.

snacks for weight loss

Roasted Namkeen

How about having flavourful namkeen? You can always munch on some roasted namkeen while you’re on diet & still craving something delightful to munch on. The Green Snack Co.'s Teekha Namkeen is rich in proteins and super delicious. Plus since it’s not fried it has zero trans-fat or cholesterol. Furthermore, it is made of essential legumes and succulent grains such as jowar, masoor, bajra, peanuts, quinoa, and chana. These snacks have the perfect blend of tangy taste and crunchy texture. It’s also free from preservatives and artificial flavours. The Green Snack Co packs them in bottles, thereby contributing to the healthiness. Snack on this protein-rich Roasted Namkeen all day long.


Chickpeas are extremely healthy Indian snacks for weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight, you should always keep your pantry packed with chickpeas. 

Chickpeas have a nutty flavour that can fill you up in a short time. It is rich in fibre and has very little protein. Hence, you can keep a check with your increasing weight. It's advisable to roast chickpeas to bestow them with a crunchy flavour. Half a cup of chickpeas contains 5 grams of protein, 100 calories, and 5 grams of fibre. 


If you want to enjoy delicious frozen snacks, grapes can suit the purpose perfectly. They are sweet and will delight your taste buds. A handful of grapes can bestow you with sufficient calories. 

However, grapes have slightly more sugar than other fruits. But, they can prove to be the perfect choice for satisfying your sweet tooth cravings. One cup of grapes amounts to 100 calories. 

Kale Crisps

Kale crisps or kale chips are extremely healthy. They are rich in protein with zero cholesterol and are gluten-free. So if you're trying to lose weight, Kale Crisps can satiate your hunger, thereby and also help you shed some extra pounds.

The Green Snack Co has a great assortment of Kale Crisps with flavours like Thai Sweet Chili, Onion & Cheese, and Sea Salt & Vinegar. They are made by dehydrating kale leaves at low temperatures. This helps preserve nutrients & makes them a lot healthier.

Greek Yogurt With Berries

Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium. Furthermore, it is low in calories. You can add nuts and fresh fruits to Greek yogurt to increase the nutritional value and taste. 

If you want to lose weight, you should consume plain Greek yogurt. Flavoured Greek yogurt is rich in extra sugar, which may not be effective for weight loss.

These evening snacks for weight loss can play an essential role in keeping up with your daily schedule. It would help if you incorporated them into your diet properly. It would help if you consumed snacks that can make you full in a short span. 

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