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Kickstart Your Self Care Routine With These Easy Self-Care Tips

Someone wise once said, to love others, you need to be able to love yourself. The love vibes are always around us but, can you feel it? If the answer is Yes, pat yourself on the back. If no, then, you need to put a little bit of effort into self-care of your mind and body. 

When YOU i.e. your mind and body, are in complete harmony with each other, that’s when the magic unfolds. You'll then be able to open up yourself to truly and freely love others and be loved. Let’s learn the language of love to understand the love inside and all around us. Self-care is simple and easy yet proven effective in many ways.  Help yourself and take a look at these self-care tips.

  • Decompress – find an effective stressbusting activity or something that makes you happy enough to let you forget your worries for a while. Stress causes you to age faster, puts a strain on your body and mind.
  • Hydrate – drink lots and lots and lots of water. We don’t need to tell you how crucial water is for your body’s proper functioning. Water is also super important for brain functioning, dealing with tiredness, stress, creative block, etc.
  • Eat healthy – instead of eating less or eating bad and feeling guilty just eat healthily. We truly believe in this one and have gone ahead and curated some great options for you. You can check them here.
  • Eat smaller more frequent meals – let’s go a little easy on our aging body. This will make you feel fuller yet lighter at the same time. You can also have some healthy snacks in between your meals.
  • Move - don't just sit and think, do it! Overthinking is just a form of procrastination and a common stalling tactic. Don’t let your fears hold you back!
  • Dance – make your victory routine.  Celebrate all your wins even the tiny little ones daily. Dancing releases stress and makes you happier. So, get on your feet now!
  • Get up early and sleep early – this is to say make a routine of healthy habits and stick to them. Not only will they make you healthier but also happier by changing your mindset and attitude slowly but surely.
  • Haircare – most self-care routines focus too much on face care and too little on hair care. While your face does need a lot of conscientious care, so does your hair. Don't forget to massage, comb and oil your hair and scaly frequently. 
  • Face care – there are so many things that face care routines include these days but let’s take a step back get down to the basics – wash your face 3-4 times a day and always moisturize afterwards. Some micro-needling won't hurt either.
  • Workout – include some form of workout in your busy schedule somehow, be it yoga, walks, running, Zumba, or swimming, etc.

We hope you found these self-care tips helpful. Try getting started with these basic self-care tips and build upon them according to your own unique goals, personality, and needs. Life is all about to give and take. So if you show your body and mind some TLC it will show you some TLC in return. 

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