Bestseller snack box is a combination of the best flavours from all categories. Guaranteed to satiate your taste buds. So take the leap of taste and dive right in!

This snack box includes:

Roasted Namkeen Khatta Meetha Bottle 100g x 1
A burst of sweetness with a zing of tanginess, our Khatta Meetha Roasted Namkeen is every snack lover’s ultimate delight.  

Roasted Namkeen Teekha Masala Bottle 100g x 1
If you like all things hot & spicy, this one is for you. Seasoned with a lip-smacking blend of herbs, chilies, and spices, our Teekha Masala Roasted Namkeen is the ultimate snack for all spicy food lovers.

Quinoa Puffs Fiery Spice 50g x 1
A lip-smacking blend of herb, chillies and spices, paired with the goodness of Quinoa, our Fiery Spice Quinoa Puffs is the ultimate snack for all the spicy food lovers.

Quinoa Puffs Peppy Cheese 50g x 1
For all you cheese lovers out there, this one’s for you. Our Peppy Cheese Quinoa Puffs is the perfect amalgamation of cheese & super-grains, the ultimate bliss!

Quinoa Puffs Dark Choco 150g x 1
Indulge in a chocolatey affair with our Limited Edition Dark Choco Quinoa Puffs. Crunchy roasted quinoa puffs coated in dark chocolate a delicacy like no other. This one is great for both kids & adults. 

Makhana Salt & Pepper 65g x 1
The all-time classic, our Salt & Pepper flavoured Ghee Roasted Makhana is sure to delight your taste buds. Black Pepper is rich in antioxidants and is known to improve blood sugar levels. It also helps lower cholesterol levels & promotes a healthy gut.

Makhana Jaggery 120g x 1
If you’re looking for a lusciously sweet & healthy, anytime munching snack, our Jaggery flavoured Ghee Roasted Makhana is the perfect snack for you. Jaggery is known to improve digestion & boost immunity. It also helps flush toxins out of the body & control blood pressure. 

6 Grain Stix Cheesy Jalapeno 25g x 1
Your bite-sized health partner that offers the perfect substitute to your daily snack. There is cheese, there is jalapeno, and the goodness of 6 grains. We know you can’t resist this.

6 Grain Stix Tangy Pickle 25g x 1
The goodness of 6 roasted super grains, mixed with delicious Indian flavours that burst in your mouth. Enjoy the flavour of traditional Indian pickle with a modern and healthy twist.

Probiotic Trail Mix 250g x 1
Our Probiotic Trail Mix contains gut-healthy ingredients like crunchy roasted chickpeas coated with delicious dark choco & infused with probiotics. Probiotics are healthy live bacteria that keep your gut healthy & boost immunity. Each pack of our Probiotic Mix contains 2 Billion CFU’s that helps keep gut health in check.

Bestseller Snack Box
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