A treat for the taste buds and healthy all the way!  We bring to you an exclusive Kids Munchies Snack Box!

Impossibly Tasty! flavours that will make them go “Yummm”  🙂

Roasted, Never Fried and made with the goodness of super grains and superfoods, these snacks are your best bet to satisfy those mid-meal cravings. Whether its study time or playtime, you cannot go wrong with these munchies. Snacks so tasty, you won’t believe they are healthy!

This snack box includes:

Festive Quinoa Puffs Dark Choco 150g Can X 1
Indulge in a chocolatey affair with our Limited Edition Dark Choco Quinoa Puffs. Crunchy roasted quinoa puffs coated in dark chocolate a delicacy like no other. This one is great for both kids & adults. 

Quinoa Puffs Saucy Salsa 50g Pack X 1
Satiate your taste buds with the tangy taste of tomatoes & herbs paired with super crunchy quinoa puffs. Our Saucy Salsa Quinoa Puffs can easily be your go-to snack.  

Quinoa Puffs Peppy Cheese 50g Pack X 1
For all you cheese lovers out there, this one’s for you. Our Peppy Cheese Quinoa Puffs (50gm ) is the perfect amalgamation of cheese & super-grains, the ultimate bliss

Roasted Namkeen Khatta Meetha Bottle 100g Pack X 1
A burst of sweetness with a zing of tanginess, our Khatta Meetha Roasted Namkeen is every snack lover’s ultimate delight.  

Ghee Roasted Makhana - Jaggery 120g Can x 1
If you’re looking for a lusciously sweet & healthy, anytime munching snack, our Jaggery flavoured Ghee Roasted Makhana is the perfect snack for you. Jaggery is known to improve digestion & boost immunity. It also helps flush toxins out of the body & control blood pressure.  

6 Grain Stix Cheesy Jalapeno Pack 25g Pack X 2
Your bite-sized health partner that offers the perfect substitute to your daily snack. There is cheese, there is jalapeno, and the goodness of 6 grains. We know you can’t resist this.

6 Grain Stix Tangy Pickle Pack 25g Pack X 2
The goodness of 6 roasted super grains, mixed with delicious Indian flavours that burst in your mouth. Enjoy the flavour of traditional Indian pickle with a modern and healthy twist.

Probiotic Trail Mix 250g Pack x 1
Power-packed with the goodness of nuts (like almonds, cashews & peanuts) and seeds (like melon seeds & pumpkin seeds) alongside raisins, cranberries, and probiotic-infused dark choco chickpeas, it’s the perfect Snack-for-your-Gut.

Kids Munchies Snack Box
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