Roasted Namkeen - Teekha Masala 100g- (Upto 10% Off)

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Teekha Masala -

If you like all things hot & spicy, this one is for you. Seasoned with a lip-smacking blend of herbs, chilies, and spices, our Teekha Masala Roasted Namkeen is the ultimate snack for all spicy food lovers.

What makes our Roasted Namkeen so special?

Unlike traditional namkeen that are fried, our Teekha Masala Namkeen is roasted. Made with succulent grains & legumes like Chana, Quinoa, Moong, Peanuts, Bajra, Jowar & Masoor, it’s high in protein & fiber & has zero trans fat. It’s also preservative-free & has no added artificial flavours in it, making it the perfect healthy munching snack.

Made with 100% gluten-free natural ingredients & packed with high protein, it’s the perfect snack for all your craving.

Roasted Not Fried  High In Protein Made with Superfoods  Gluten Free No Added Sugar Zero Preservatives


P.S. Get creative with our Namkeen. Use them as a seasoning on your Chaat & Bhel Puri or pair them as an ingredient in your Dahi Bhalla & Poha & enjoy the relish!


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Roasted Namkeen - Teekha Masala 100g- (Upto 10% Off)
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