Probiotic Trail Mix -

Keep your gut health in check with our Probiotic Trail Mix.

Power-packed with the goodness of nuts (like almonds, cashews & peanuts) and seeds (like melon seeds & pumpkin seeds) alongside raisins, cranberries, and probiotic-infused dark choco chickpeas, it’s the perfect Snack-for-your-Gut.

What makes our Probiotic Trail Mix so special?

Our Probiotic Trail Mix contains gut-healthy ingredients like crunchy roasted chickpeas coated with delicious dark choco & infused with probiotics. Probiotics are healthy live bacteria that keep your gut healthy & boost immunity. Each pack of our Probiotic Mix contains 2 Billion CFU’s that helps keep gut health in check.

What’s more? Our Probiotic Trail Mix is made with a special assortment of nuts & seeds that are packed with protein, fibre & antioxidants. In-fact each pack of Probiotic Mix has 16g of protein & 10g of fibre, making it the perfect snack to replenish those much-needed nutrients.

Made with 100% natural ingredients & zero preservatives, our Probiotic Trail Mix is the ultimate Immunity Fix.

High In Protein High in Fiber Source of Iron, Selenium & Vitamin E Rich in Antoxidants Packed With Probiotics Zero Preservatives


P.S. While you can munch on our Probiotic Trail Mix anytime, you can also pair it up with your recipes. Use it as an ingredient in your cakes or add them with your granola bowls & enjoy!


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Probiotic Trail Mix 60g- Pack of 2
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