Superseeds - Roasted Seeds Assorted

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Our new range of SuperSeeds is an endeavour in this direction and comes with our Green Promise of the best quality, nutrition, and taste. With a variety of nutrients, these seeds are a great go-to snack.

All About SuperSeeds -

Pumpkin Seeds are packed; with antioxidants such as carotenoids that help reduce inflammation & may protect the body against diseases. They are also rich in dietary fiber & magnesium.

Flax Seeds are a great source of ALA & omega-3 fatty acids. Plant-based ALA fatty acids boast a host of heart-healthy benefits & helps lower the risk of stroke. Flaxseeds are also rich in dietary fibre & lignans that can help; reduce; the risk of cancer and improve heart health.

Chia Seeds are rich in quality protein. Protein consumption helps in a weight loss diet as well as in building muscle. They are also rich in dietary fibre & omega-3 fatty acids.
Melon Seeds are rich in magnesium, iron & zinc, boost immunity and nervous system. They also aid in digestion, cell regrowth.
Sunflower Seeds are a great source of Vitamin E & dietary fiber. They help in lowering cholesterol, control blood sugar and boost heart health.

Made with 100% gluten-free natural ingredients & packed with high protein, it’s the perfect snack for all your craving.

100% Raw  Zero Preservatives  High In Fiber  Rich in Antioxidants   Strengthens Bones  Aids In Weight Loss 


P.S. Incorporate these healthy seeds into your daily diet. Consume them raw or roasted or add them to your recipes. Add them to your puddings or use them as a garnish on your smoothie bowls. 


Chia Pudding   Smoothie Bowl  Avocado Toast 

Superseeds - Roasted Seeds Assorted
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