All In One


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The Zest of Kale, alongside the goodness of Quinoa and 6 supergrains, makes for the ideal combination of health and taste! Try our Kale Crisps Thai Sweet Chili, 6 grain Stix Cheesy Jalapeno and Quinoa Puffs Peppy Cheese to indulge in the goodness!

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- No added Preservatives

- No Added MSG

- Gluten-free

- Cholesterol-free

- No Trans Fat

- Not Fried or Baked


3 reviews for All In One

  1. Amit Kolambikar

    Love all of the green snack products. Especially the kale crisps. It’s so good. Will definitly be going back for more.

  2. Natasha Gandhi

    Got this as a gift from my friend and then I just bought more cause I really liked all of these products.

  3. Sahaj Singh

    I wanted to try all the snacks that green snacks has to offer so I got this combo. Loved all 3 of them! Especially the kale and quinoa puffs.

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