Kale Crisps Assorted 30gm (Pack of 3)


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Kale anything and assure you’ll like it! Get a combo pack of Kale Crisps Cheese & onion, Kale Crisps Thai Sweet Chilli & Kale Crisps Sea Salt Vinegar, to taste the perfect blend of health and taste in one pack!

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- No added Preservatives

- No Added MSG

- Gluten-free

- Cholesterol-free

- No Trans Fat

- Not Fried or Baked


4 reviews for Kale Crisps Assorted 30gm (Pack of 3)

  1. Chinmay Choudhary

    Really love these crunchy kale chips as my post work out snack.I buy them in bulk cause I eat them everyday post my gym hours.

  2. Tosha Patel

    Dehydrated kale chips are the est since they dont get rid of the nutrients. Always have these around the house for my husband who is very health concious.

  3. Urvashi Brar

    I always try and made good gourmet food at home. And I love these kale crips to go as a side for these foods. I tried them with my foods and it goes go well!

  4. Sanam Merchant

    Kale with a variety of unique flavors, makes for an amazing healthy snack. The flavours really work well with Kale. The kale is really crispy too. It;s good for me since I like to gym

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