Kids Munchies Snack Box (Pack of 8)


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A treat for the taste buds and healthy all the way!  We bring to you an exclusive Kids Munchies Snack Box!

Impossibly Tasty! flavours that will make them go “Yummm”  🙂

Roasted, Never Fried and made with the goodness of super grains and superfoods, these snacks are your best bet to satisfy those mid-meal cravings. Whether its study time or playtime, you cannot go wrong with these munchies. Snacks so tasty, you won’t believe they are healthy!

Festive Quinoa Puffs Dark Choco Can X 1
Quinoa Puffs Saucy Salsa 50g Pack X 1
Quinoa Puffs Peppy Cheese 50gm Pack X 1
Roasted Namkeen Khatta Meetha Bottle 100gm X 1
6 Grain Stix Cheesy Jalapeno Pack 25gm X 2
6 Grain Stix Tangy Pickle Pack 25gm X 2

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Impossibly Tasty! So tasty, you won’t believe they are healthy!

QUINOA PUFFS are loaded with the goodness of super grains – Quinoa, Amaranth, Ragi, Soy, Rice & Maize. Roasted, Never Fried. Try Peppy Cheese and Saucy Salsa!

Quinoa Puffs Special Edition DARK CHOCO to melt in your mouth, and satisfy your sweet tooth!

6 GRAIN STIX made with Ragi, Oats, Maize, Soy, Sorghum and Rice. Roasted to perfection. Try these 2 lip smacking flavours – Cheesy Jalapeno and Tangy Pickle.

ROASTED NAMKEEN – Curated with succulent Grains and Legumes, Roasted to perfection for your health and seasoned with phenomenal flavors that you can now satiate your craving for, we’re proud to present Khatta Meetha Roasted Namkeen! Packaged conveniently and consciously in Glass Bottles that let you see every healthful morsel that goes into your mouth while experiencing that explosion of flavors and spices!


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