Kale Crisps Assorted (Pack of 3) (10% OFF on Pack of 3)

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The more, the merrier. This specially curated pack of assorted Kale Crisps is nothing short of a wonder. It includes the all-time ultimate OG classic Kale Crisps - Sea Salt and Vinegar, the flavourful Kale Crisps - Cheese & Onion & the lip-smacking Kale Crisps - Thai Sweet Chilli.

All About Kale -

Out of all the super-healthy greens, Kale is the undisputed King.

KALE, (pronounced as ‘Kayl’) is a dark, leafy green, cruciferous vegetable loaded with antioxidants, protein, fibre, vitamins (like Vitamin C & K) & minerals (like calcium, potassium & magnesium), it’s one of the healthiest & most nutrient-dense superfood out there.

What makes our Kale Crisps so special?

Our Kale Crisps are known as healthy chips because they are neither fried nor roasted. Instead, they are made through a process called Low-Temperature Dehydration. The slow dehydration process helps remove water from the leaves while still ensuring that all the nutrients stay intact & give the leaves the crunchy texture.

Made with 100% natural ingredients & zero preservatives, our Kale Crisps are the ultimate binge snack.


P.S. If you’re lacking some snacking inspiration, kale crisps are a perfect choice. Use these healthy chips as a dressing for your salads, have it with some cheese dip or hummus, use it as a topping on your soups/pasta/sandwich or just munch on them as it is. It's perfect for all your hunger pangs. You can also check out the recipe section on our website for some quick DIY recipes.



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Kale Crisps Assorted (Pack of 3) (10% OFF on Pack of 3)
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