Flax Seeds -

Introducing 100% Roasted Flax Seeds. Packed with a variety of vitamins & minerals, these seeds are a great go-to snack.

All About Flax Seeds -

Flax seeds (aka linseeds) are obtained from the Flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) in the family Linaceae, a native to ancient Egypt.

Oval and flat shaped & glossy brown, these seeds are loaded with protein, fibre, omega-3 fats, & lignans.

Flax seeds boast a host of benefits. They help lower blood pressure, regulate blood cholesterol levels, improve digestion, lower the risk of strokes & aid in weight management.

100% Raw  Zero Preservatives  High In Fiber  High In Protein   Improves Digestion  Aids In Weight Loss 


P.S. Incorporate these healthy seeds into your daily diet. Consume them raw or roasted or add them to your recipes. Add them to your crackers or use them as a garnish on your smoothie bowls


Flax Seeds Cracker   Smoothie Bowl  

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Superseeds - Roasted Flax Seeds 400g
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