Vegan and Gluten-Free Subscription Box

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Rs. 2,328.00

Impossibly Tasty! Gluten-free and Vegan snack box. Satisfy those cravings with delicious flavours in snacks high in protein and fibre. Try our flavours from Kale Crisps, Quinoa Puffs, 6 Grain Stix, Roasted Namkeen, Nuts & Seeds Mix! So take the leap of taste and dive right in! Subscribe and get this delectable snack box delivered to you every month.

This snack box includes:

Quinoa Puffs Fiery Spice 90g Can X 1
A lip-smacking blend of herb, chillies and spices, paired with the goodness of Quinoa, our Fiery Spice Quinoa Puffs is the ultimate snack for all the spicy food lovers.

Quinoa Puffs Saucy Salsa 50g Pack X 1
Satiate your taste buds with the tangy taste of tomatoes & herbs paired with super crunchy quinoa puffs. Our Saucy Salsa Quinoa Puffs can easily be your go-to snack.

Quinoa Puffs Zesty Kale 50g Pack X 1
Add some zest to your life! Our Zesty Kale Quinoa Puffs is a healthy mix of super-grains with an added twist of Kale and Garlic Seasoning, a perfect snack to zest things up!

Roasted Namkeen Teekha Masala 100g Bottle X 1
If you like all things hot & spicy, this one is for you. Seasoned with a lip-smacking blend of herbs, chilies, and spices, our Teekha Masala Roasted Namkeen is the ultimate snack for all spicy food lovers.

Roasted Namkeen Khatta Meetha 100g Bottle X 1
A burst of sweetness with a zing of tanginess, our Khatta Meetha Roasted Namkeen is every snack lover’s ultimate delight.

Roasted Namkeen Nimbu Pudhina 100g Bottle X 1
A punch of pudhina with the tanginess of lemon, our Nimbu Pudhina Roasted Namkeen will surely make you drool.

6 Grain Stix Smokey BBQ 25g Pack X 2
Rich, smokey flavours with an oaky warmth added to the mix of 6 roasted super grains, this gluten-free treat is a perfectly healthy substitute for your daily snacks.

6 Grain Stix Tangy Pickle 25g Pack X 2
The goodness of 6 roasted super grains, mixed with delicious Indian flavours that burst in your mouth. Enjoy the flavour of traditional Indian pickle with a modern and healthy twist.

Kale Crisps Sea Salt & Vinegar 30g Pack x 1
A dressing fit for the Gods - Apple Cider, Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper & Sea Salt for that extra goodness & to give it that extra smooth, exotic taste for those discerning taste buds. The Kale Crisps - Sea Salt & Vinegar is a flavour that knows just how to delight your senses while caressing your soul!

Daily Dose Trail Mix 300g Jar x 1
This is a special lip-smacking assortment of the best nuts, seeds and berries. Made with handpicked nuts, dehydrated fruits and nutritious seeds, it is an absolute delight. With ample protein, vitamins, fiber and anti-oxidants, you just have to consume 2 scoops everyday to replenish the much need nutrients to keep your health in check.

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